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Alfa Care and Protection specialises in DoLs Order residential care provision for vulnerable and high risk young people

Providing safe and supportive placements for youth affected by violence, exploitation, and gang-related activities.

Alfa Care and Protection Limited provide a one stop shop for Local Authorities to provide bespoke living accommodation and support for young people in care of the local authorities.

Our Approach to Care and Support

Alfa Care and Protection is a specialised residential care provider for young people aged 12-18 who have been severely affected by youth violence, child sexual exploitation, and gang activities. Our experienced support staff are able to effectively manage DoLS (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard) restrictions set out by the court to safeguard young people.

We provide gang-exit strategic support and secure placements for young people with complex cases and backgrounds. Our team of specialists works with each individual to manage their behaviour and help them make significant improvements in a reasonably short period of time.

We are happy for you to take up references should you require. Alternatively, feel free to contact us to discuss how we may work together.

What We Do

Our commitment to our young people

  1. We will work to keep you safe and help you to keep yourself safe.
  2. We will do everything we can to make you feel cared about, valued and respected as an individual.
  3. We will be honest with you and explain if we are unable to do something we said we would do. We will not make unrealistic promises to you.
  4. We will involve you in decision making so your views are listened to, and will explain when we make a decision you may not like or agree with.
  5. We will work to keep you in a supportive and caring environment where you feel safe and happy.
  6. We will support you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and help look after your physical and mental health.
  7. We will help you see your family, friends and other people who are important to you. If there are people we can’t support you to see. We will explain why.
  8. We will support you to achieve your goals and reach your potential, in your education, hobbies and interests.
  9. We will work with you to give you all the help and support you need to make a success of moving on from care to adult life.
  10. We will make sure you have the up-to-date information you need, including who is working with you and how to give us your views or ask us for help

Need our help?

Our mission is to support young people to recover from past trauma, live fulfilled lifestyles and engage in lifelong learning to transition on to positive destinations. Get in touch using the contact form or the details below:


Cedric: 07506 883955
Gemma: 07935323429

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